Well I recently purchased a Pod XT live and I've used it for many rehearsals, gigs, and other stuff with it and i'm very satisfied with it. I bought it because I needed something to use live and since I had always used a toneport UX2, I always had to bring my laptop, which was a pain lol. but recently, I've been having some audio playbaack problems on my computer. When i plug the podxt into my computer with a USB cable and use the gearbox player for backtracks or any audio on my computer, theres always a staticy noise that sounds like a messed up metronome of static. When i just play guitar, everything's fine, so I'm wondering what could be the problem, or do i just have a defective podxt? when i first got it, it was working fine for about an hour then it started happening. I've tried my podxt on my laptop as well as my desktop, but both are the same results. when I use my toneport UX2 however, everything works perfectly. Is there anyway i can fix this? I've tried pluging the USB into all my USB ports on my desktop which is like 8 differnt ports or something and tried putting the wall charger on different sockets but nothing seemed to work. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks
What are you sending your output to? Speakers, headphones? And are you using the output jack from the XT or from your computer?
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yea i plugged headphones into the PodXT in the Phones output. When i open up Gearbox and use the gearbox player, the staticy thing starts, and i also went to start>control pannel> audio device> audio and under default changed it to podxt for a sec to see if it also happens when i do other stuff on the comp using it as a soundcard and it did. the guitar is processed on the podxt itself and doesnt need the computer to make sound, but the audio from my computer is actually on my computer and it has to transfer through the USB cable to the podxt and then mix with the guitar, so im thinking something with the USB cable maybe..? but i've tried two usb cables so I don't really think its a defective cable.

also, I tried plugging my ipod into the aux in input and use some backtracks off my ipod and it works perfectly. thats when I'm not using gearbox or the computer tho.