I realize I should have posted this here

I hate the epiphone headstock. I prefer the scroll shape of the Gibson. I decided to reshape my epiphone headstock but kept the logo since I don't want to deceive anyone. Anyway it was a nice inlay.

Here are the pics...out of order, but I think you can figure out how it was done...


very nice
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no thanks. IMO, Epi>Gibson Headstocks.
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no thanks. IMO, Epi>Gibson Headstocks.


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nice looks good
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Nice one - great job!

I condisered actually chopping a few mm of the top of the headstock and doing it that way cos the epi headstock is much longer than a gibby one, but that would mean losing the logo, so I never bothered.

More pics??

I for one would love to see what you've done at the back of the headstock + a full length shot.

Lovely finish on the front tho - how did you do it?