I've been looking at getting a js1000 to replace my jackson randy rhoades. Obviously I'm going to try it out before making my decision but I just want to know how the neck of the jackson compares to the js. As in is the js neck as anoyingly wide as the jackson. I'm really looking for a more narrow neck.
I cant comment on that guitar in particualar, but generally ibanez necks are a little narrower than jacksons; and imo, easier to play.
I'm really hoping for that. My RR would be perfect if it wasn't for the stupid neck.
I would kill for this instrument. Played one once. And I own a RR. The neck is narrower and smoother. Much easier.
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Thanks, now I just need to find someplace where I can try one. The only store around my area that carried Ibanez closed about a year ago now.