Hi Guys.

Found an awesome australian new wave band, called the Infidels. They're pretty obscure, but they're a good listen.

I can't find a myspace page or a wikipedia page, but a guy called Bruce has written about them a bit *link removed*

They remind me of VERY calm New Wave goth stuff, it's a fun listen on downtime from smashing the state.

It's taking forever to NOT download, but I'll check it out.

How'd you discover them?
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I did NOT know that there was a link to rapidshare on that blog site.

I got directed to that page while I was NOT looking for SK's new album.

EDIT: The drums put one in mind of C&W. 'Vivien Leigh' is a great song.
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People can PM you if they're interested in knowing the content of the link I just removed.
I was going to listen to some NEW WAVE music, but it appears the link has been removed!

Who would ever do such a thing? *cough*fascists*cough*

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This band are pretty good, despite their obscurity - you really do have to look for all the best stuff!

Another band worth checking out if you like this is the Triffids, and obviously, the Church, too. Both are cool.
Haven't you ever read 'the day of the triffids'?

A Triffid is a carniverous plant (like a venus flytrap) brought to earth by unknown origins. Except that they're more than just a plant, they move and act like humanoids. A man who was one of the first people to experience Triffids gets hurt by one, and is temporarily blinded, and goes to hospital.

While this is happening, there is an unprecdented meteorite shower over earth, at the climax of which a flare blinds everyone who watches (99% of people on earth). And the story is about that.


Here's a trailer for the film.

The triffids are presumerably named after the plants. Live, they sound like a cross between Bauhaus and the Doors, but in the studio they sound much weaker.