Ok, I wanna change out the pickups on my guitar, and I'm thinking about buying a used pickup off ebay. But my "you don't know what you're doing" senses acted up and brought up some questions that I thought I'd bring up to you in hopes that you'd help.

1. Is it a good idea in general to buy used pickups? I figured since you can't try out new pickups anyway it couldn't hurt, but who knows? I've heard of some pickups degrading over time, but I don't know if its an issue that happens over a few years or only to like 30+ year old pieces of equipment.

2. How much of the four conductor wiring should be exposed? if there's a lot exposed does that mean that it'll pick up a lot of noise? It seems as though about 4-5 inches of the outer black covering is stripped off, which seems like a lot (the actual copper wire isn't exposed, just the inner covered wires).

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