I'm looking to buy my own wah pedal after using my brother's dunlop original wah for so long and am very interested in one of these 2. Now I know people are going to recommend the vox 847A, but from what I've seen of youtube videos, it seems like the vox wah gives a much more full and warmer wah sound. I personally am looking for a tinny, hendrix like wah tone (yes, I realize hendrix used the vox, but I still like crybaby more). As well as that hendrix sound, my other favorite wah sound is jimmy page's.

Ideal jimmy page wah tone I'm looking for is the one in this video at 1:29 (called "san francisco") and "trampled under foot":


I will also use it a lot for my lead overdrive tone, keeping it in the treble position for my soloing frequently. My rig consists of my 1993 gibson les paul studio through an old crate palomino v32, with no other pedals.

As far as these 2 pedals go, which one do you guys think would be better for me and what exactly is the difference? Just for the record, I love the original wah my brother owns, but I read everywhere that the classic is better than the original (I also read everywhere that the the vox 847A is better, which I don't agree with, so i can't really trust what I read).

I think the Classic has a fasel in it so it sounds better. Hard to describe. Go to Guitar Center and try the two out if those are your final two.
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Just go with the Classic if those are your only two choices. The biggest difference is the Fasel inductor which does make a difference compared to the inductor that's in the Original. Only drawback to the Classic is the fact it's not moddable unlike the Original. So if you were ever considering modding a wah, it's quite fun and fairly easy to do, the Classic would be an issue. Other than that though the Classic doesn't do a half bad job at getting the vocaliness and quackiness of the 70's Crybaby which is what Page is using there.

The V847A really isn't better either, practically the same circuit as with most wahs. Not worth it at all unless you like the looks of the Vox and even then I'd suggest picking up an older V847 instead.
Alright cool thanks for the help guys, my brother also knows someone that can get us 60-75% off any new dunlop pedal, but it has to be from a certain store that the kid's dad owns (which happens to carry all the dunlop models that I've seen at guitar center/musiciansfriend). This really helps a lot with the whole money issue I have right now haha

But now I have another question: If I get an original wah and decide to learn how to mod it, will it turn out to be of higher quality than the classic wah in the long run? I don't mind spending time to improve my gear if I can actually do it myself.
Do you guys think the Vox 847A would be able to handle overdrive well at all?

Now I'm trying to decide between the crybaby classic and the vox 847A. I'm going to be using it mainly with distortion (I like the boost it gives to my overdrive when you leave the wah pedal in the treble position, at least with my bro's original crybaby I like it).

In the most extreme case, the most gain I would use would rival slash's overdriven wah sound/solos and neal schon's (journey's guitarist) solos.

So what do you guys think? I've heard the vox is amazing for cleans, not so much overdrive.
Do you feel the Original Crybaby you were using handled overdrive/distortion okay? Because that's basically what the Vox will be like. As far as mods go, if you do things right it could be as good as, if not better than the popular boutique wahs like Fulltone or RMC. They all use the same circuit more or less just with some small changes. As long as you can solder okay (it's pretty easy to get the hang of) most of the mods are easy. There are plenty of websites on modding the Original Crybaby plus there's the Wah Modding Thread here.
Cool alright thanks for the help man

And yeah, I really liked the sound the original wah gave. I was looking at youtube videos and someone compared the original wah to the morley tremonti wah I think it was called, as well as comparing the original wah to the vox 847A, and to me it just sounds like the original wah is better than both of those. I know it's crazy but that's just how I hear it.

I will definitely think about getting an original and modifying it.

Again, thanks for the help!