ok.... so im loving the LP body styles. i just ordered a LP epiphone Prophecy and i have to say that for 800 bucks its the worst guitar that i have ever bought. im selling that for what i paid for it to a buddy that likes the way it plays and sounds. now im looking at the ESP/LTD EC series. i cant decide whether i want to get the deluxe 1000 or the standard. there both really the same spec wise other than the bone nut and tuners. so my question is for anyone that has owned/played either one. which is better. i want something for metal so im looking at the ones with the EMG's, i love low low low action without annoying fret buzz so are these guitars capable of that. i have bought the LTD MH1000 deluxe and i freaking loved it. is it really worth spending 2x as much on the ESP or not???

My biggest question.. what is the difference between the Earvana nut and the bone nut. are bone nuts better? i have no clue because i have never played anything with the bone nut. any help would be much appreciated peeps.

Why don't you go to a shop and play them? That's the only way to truly know if you'll like one or the other, or if you'll like either really. Don't make the same mistake you made with the epiphone.
lol yeah i wish i could. im stuck in Iraq right now so i really dont have that option. im looking at getting myself something for xmas. thats why i ask.
Well man, ive played both and honestly I didnt notice any differnce at all..The workmanship on the ESP is a LITTLE better but LTD's are great guitars and earvana compensated nuts are really great but if it ends up bothering you just pay $6 for a new nut, the tuners are good too.
All in all its not worth the money since the LTD is just as great for cheaper
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thanks dude i appreciate it. yeah im not sure what the deal is with the bone nuts but i loved the earvana. i think that i will go with the LTD. i appreciate it man
Over on the ESP Aussie forums I asked the same question and they all seem to think that ESP and LTD are in totally different classes and that the ESP are definately worth the price tag....... then again they're all rich as hell and have caparisons and shit to :P.
I tried an ESP Eclipse the other day and it was beautiful!
Go try the 2 out side by side if possible.
The ESP will have a way better re-sell value .
Either way please buy it in vintage black!! =D
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they're all rich as hell and have caparisons and shit to :P.

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