I looooovvvee my Ampeg!!!

I cant play through my Cube so I am instead using my dad's original '68 Ampeg Gemini 1x12 Combo.

It is so cool. Like you know when its cold outside, but you're inside covered up with a nice fleece throw blanket drinking a nice hot cup of Irish Creme coffee? And you just feel so content like nothing in the world matters? Yeah, it makes you feel like that when you play it. The sound is so warm. Just the right amount of gentle bass and clear, punchy highs (its a 2-band EQ so there's no mid). Its as warm as and sounds just as good, if not better than, a Fender.

OMG, I love it!!!

That brings me to the next question.

I was thinking if I love the Ampeg so much, I'll give that Jet 20W a try. Only problem is noone in the city has Ampegs, except for bass amps, no guirtar amps (like the Jet 20). Also it (the Jet), only has a Volume and Tone. I would like a 2-band at least, or a good EQ pedal. But maybe that's all it needs is just a tone knob, maybe the simplicity makes it that much better. Who knows?

So anyway, how could I try one of these Ampeg Jets without having to have a shop order it?
Don't you love it when you discover something great that doesn't get a ton of props from the music world? I've got an awesome Alamo amp. Kind of the same deal.

It'll be tough to find one... honestly, it's just luck if you don't want them to order one. Check everywhere you can- or resort to Ebay.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Would 20W be enough for gigs (I plan to use as a stage amp and send to PA or just mic it)?

most likely it would be loud enough for gigs either way, right?
Tell me how it goes. I want one of them too.
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