So my rents finally decided to get an HD Camcorder after I've been trying to persuade them for the past 3 months...

Long story short, my dad bought 2 shitty ones off of QVC because "they were a good deal". Needless to say, they were cheap for a reason. Picture quality was terrible, etc.

So I finally figured that with the HD Cam all the problems would be solve. There would be 1080p HD video, it would look amazing.

The camera in question is a JVC GZ-HD10 (the link will play a sound clip, I advise you to mute your sound)

Well we start recording, just messing around, getting to know how to use it. We plug it into the TV using HDMI and the picture quality still sucks. We have a 1080p Sony Bravia (not trying to brag) so the picture should be good, but it's not... The display on the TV did read 1080p but it certainly didn't look 1080p.

So then we try it on composite and it looks the exact same as when it was on HDMI.

I have no idea why it sucks so bad so here is my question: why does it suck so bad?
Is there something I'm doing wrong? It should look amazing but it doesn't and it's pissing me off...

tl;dr - New HD Camcorder doesn't look like HD picture quality and I don't know why.
mayb its not realy HD, it just said so on the box so he seller could get more money.
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Hd cameras used for filming movies and tv shows cost like 20 000 bucks dude, don't think you're gonna get the same picture quality with something you bought at best buy.
should've bought something wise like a Canon Gl2
now thats a camera
not hd but it looks ****ing nice
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BTW, just looked at the site you posted, and they say it records at a Full HD resolution of 1400x1080, which isn't full HD

Full HD is 1900x1200
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BTW, just looked at the site you posted, and they say it records at a Full HD resolution of 1400x1080, which isn't full HD

Full HD is 1900x1200

Exactly. The dude at Best Buy said it was Full HD. He said if we bring it back its a 15% restocking fee, but since we purchased it under false pretenses, so to speak, is there anything we could do to bring it back and not have the restocking fee?
I dislike JVC's cameras...I find Panasonic to be a better starting brand. Sony and Canon are also great but run higher prices...

You need a TON of storage if you capture HD footage to your computer. It takes up so much room. I am planning on installing a few TB drives soon and upgrading my rig for HD video editing.


HDD - Hard Drive based (compressed storage of HD footage)
MiniDV - Digital tape usually 60/90 minutes in length. Also comes in HD format now but you need a lot of room to capture to your computer to edit....and I mean a LOT of room..This is due to the footage not being compressed like some cameras but you get full quality.

Your unit records to a built in hard drive and compresses the video to a MPEG format loosing quality. You would run out of space in one minute if it wasn't compressed...
Consumer brand HDD based cameras are still glitchy and I don't suggest sticking with them. They are slowly being phased out now anyways. Solid state cameras are the new thing.
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^Thanks for the reply and I understand all the lingo (my dad was like HDD is HD right? and i'm like , no) except for when you said solid state cameras.

And so if i put it on an SD card (it takes SD cards, I forgot to mention) it will be uncompressed and have better quality? Or am i wrong?

Thanks in advance