I've had a Squier Strat for the last ~4 years and I've needed to upgrade for a bit. Since I play metal, I wanted to go try out, among other brands, some Jackson, Ibanez, and ESP models.

So yesterday, I go to the store, and am ashamed to find that I could not play my normal stuff on them. I was actually embarrassed and stopped playing after a few minutes. The necks were WAY flatter than what I'm used to. I knew these guitars had thin/fast necks, and the fast part was nice, but nothing prepared me for how flat the necks were.

After-store research:
Ibanez: 16"
Jackson: 12"-16" compound
ESP: "Extra Thin Flat Neck Contour"

My Squier: 9.5"

I'm not sure I want a Jackson/Ibanez/ESP or something with a thicker neck, but I want to give them a fair chance (meaning, get used to a flat neck and then try them out). How long will it take to get used to that type of neck? Would it be a good idea to borrow one of those guitars from a store, and how much would they charge? Unfortunately I don't have any friends with those
it took me a day to get used to the flat neck of the ibanez.
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i started on a LP n then went to my ibanez RG7 n i like em w/ either necks like on my LP or SG or on my ibanez but i cant play anything in between lol
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I agree the flatnecked necks on speed/shred guitars suck big time. I dunno man you might want to consider a guitar with a different neck. I could never adjust to the thin necks at all.
Neck shape and size is certainly a personal preference based on your own hands. My first guitar back in '95 was a Squier Strat (great guitar, great neck--still have it). Second guitar was a '97 Gibson Les Paul Classic--it had the 60s slim neck and was still a behemoth of a neck for my hands, but that was my main guitar for about 9 years until I got my first Jackson ('94 KV Pro). I instantly fell in love with the neck as it was far better suited to my hands. I sold the Les Paul within a year of that to buy a WR1...as of a few days ago, I just got my second WR1... Only thing I could hope for is if they had strat frets instead of jumbos...

But yeah, I've never had a problem with the Jackson necks...
should try a Schecter
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The necks on the schecters are great. IMO its a good inbetween from wizards -> fender C

Id say try one that fits from the start. I had a 550 for bout a year now and the wiz1 thin neck I still cant play on it for over an hour
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should try a Schecter

to me, schecters have "strat like" necks, but the whole guitar itself is way better
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