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A Blackbird, the Ethel of valedictions,
ascends itself on the Synagogues.
We unwind the breadth of redemption;
the façade of Torah.
Beneath the rabbit holes of singularity,
we find ourselves closer to sin.

The calm before the storm
resonates the renaissance of a dying city.
But we mustn’t anticipate the fall of Man
nor must we cascade in continuum.
No one’s going to come and save you
when the Alchemy turns the sun to gold.

The opiate of humanity,
the annunciation from the broken thorns;
we fade by the blowing of the horn.

Happy in a Suit Made of Aluminum

I don't have anything to say.
at all.
But I watched my first sunrise in ages,
sitting in my deer stand,
and I let an eight point buck just walk on by,
I didn't feel like disrupting the beauty with a gunshot.
call me a pussy,
I've never seen a pussy this happy before.

when you hit the bottom you are free. Free to swim in the river of youth with your clothes on, free to hang yourself from your mothers favorite tablecloth, free to think clearly, free to dream, to fail, to swear, to live, to love, to die, to say everything you've ever had to say without a hint of remorse, to cry, to make you parents file for divorce, to imagine a field of green and cross the ocean to get there only to discover what you have found is merely a blade of grass among a bed of needles, and enjoy the hell out of that single blade of grass, ignore the scars.

feel popular?
feel empty?
feel like taking a facebook survey for attention?

if i had a dollar for everytime a thought came into my head today,
then I would be in love with obama right now,
spread some of that wealth my way brother.

take it all
go ahead
**** it all
go ahead
spit on my ego
go ahead
tear off my individuality
go ahead
do it already.

Call me the tin man,
Call me the lion,
Call me a scarecrow.
but most of all
call me before you go to bed.
Last edited by bluesybilly at Nov 16, 2008,
I thought that blue had a wonderful feeling, wonderful meaning, but I don't think it managed to connect that feeling with the known, the normal, which as something 'fading', felt needed to me.

Red was just beautiful, ya know.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!