I'm currently droping in new pick ups in my guitar. What would happen if I wired them straight into the input jack/ground wire with no pots? Just curious.
You would have no volume control and/or switching of the pick-upz. Full volume, all pick-upz all da timez!!

unless u run them through the switch first.
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I know that but I'm just curious how it would effect the sound of the guitar if there was no resistance on the circuit. Would it be a feedback machine?
Not sure about feedback, but I've heard of people doing that so they can get a slightly more clear signal and have the sound of the pickups and the acoustics of the instrument come through more directly. Though usually when people do that sort of thing they'll still leave the volume knob connected but disconnect tone and pickup controls because volume control is very useful and barely colours the signal.

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Indeed, some people like the "pure" sound from running no pots at all, leaving the volume pot in is very usefull. I did notice a slight difference between and volume pot and no pots at all. But to be honest, I liked having the pot more, sounded less harsh and more defined. Lulz.

Up to yu, try both and see what you like.
ESP Eclipse-II VTB (With 18v Mod)
Randall RG75
Tapco Mix60
New Zealand
I wouldn't do it, you wont be able to play at low volumes if you want or be able to switch pickups. It may be alright if you had only one pickup but if you have more than one pickup thats a nono
My guitar seems to have bypassed tone pots, but still has volume. Is hellish louder than my other guitar, but obviously it doesn't have so much variety in tone.

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By passing your pots.


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