I'm putting together a list of the "best" guitars at certain price ranges for my friends and would like some input on what people think the best guitars at certain prices are.

The price ranges are:





thanks for any input.
Best is opinion, therefore you can't make a reliable list as one person will disagree with another
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well 250-500,.. u cud probly go wif an ibanez, washburn, or something,..

500-750,.. maybe a shecter?

750-1000 ,.. get a fender,.. adnything above that,.. egt a gibson SG (best guitar in da world)

250-500 - Ibanez. Great starter guitar.
500-750 - definitely Schecter or ESP.
750-1000 - Jackson or ESP.
1000+ - Hmmm. Carvin.
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Not only is it going to vary on personal opinion but it's going to vary from guitar to guitar.
You cannot make a list like that! Its all preference, what some people love, others hate. And what some hate others love. Its all apples and oranges my friend. Let your friends decide for themselves what they like and what is best for them.
250-500 Schecter, few Inbanez's

500-750-Fender all the way. Great selection at this price.

750-1000 Esp has some good stuff in this range. Also, Schecter Synyster Gates Custom is up here, like it alot IMO.

And everything after this is def Gibson. Nothing really compares.

And Epi's suck at any price range (cept the SG)
I'm definitely agreeing with everyone saying it varies from person-to-person. I'm tempted to put Fender in each spot just to tick off the metalheads who've apparently never heard of Yngwie Malmsteen, the three guitarists from Iron Maiden, or John 5.

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John-5 Guitars are around 900 correct? I thought they were 500-750. Ill have to edit my post.
ok what i mean is best as in peoples opinion. also i want models not brands. I already have good guitars, this is a list of models for some friends, so give me your opinion on models too, not just brands, cuz I can tell them that.
Well it depends on the individual guitar. you can have 2 guitars right next to each other that look exactally alike, same manufacturer, same model. One may be great, the other may be a lemon.
$250-500 Squire Classic Vibe '50s

$500-750 Fender Lonestar Stratocaster

$750-1000 Fender 72' Telecaster

$1000-2000+ Fender HSS Mahogany Stratocaster

that is my opinion and the type of sound i like
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Quote by StratPat
What currency are we talking?
Yes, this matters a lot. For example £250 is nearly twice USD$250 and AUD$250.

Bearing that in mind, I'm a UK'er, so when I think of price it's going to be pounds. The general rule of thumb is that £1 equals almost $2USD, though with the current economy... well, anyway... so you may need to double-check the models I say to make sure they fit into the correct price brackets.

I'm putting more than just one model per price range, because many guitars are equal quality but are more/less useful for different styles of playing. I'm also only naming guitars that I myself have at some point tried, played, owned, borrowed, or have had a lot of positive contact with someone who owns one. This doesn't mean I'm saying every other guitar is crap, just that out of all the ones I've had any real contact with, these have been the ones that have been really good and worth bothering with.

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You shouldn't be even thinking about spending this kind of money on a guitar if you have to look at a list for ideas. By this point in time you should know for yourself what you want and what is worth buying.

And it should go without saying, always try before you buy, and buying online is never a good idea, no matter how much money you seem to save. Even with guitars in the £3000+ price range, quality can vary wildly so you have to try out every guitar you can and you must only buy the exact one that feels good to you when you play it. Online may be cheap, but 90% of the time you'll get a much better instrument if you buy from a real store and try each guitar out fully first.
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Quote by Avery1
well 250-500,.. u cud probly go wif an ibanez, washburn, or something,..

500-750,.. maybe a shecter?

750-1000 ,.. get a fender,.. adnything above that,.. egt a gibson SG (best guitar in da world)

I don't know if this guy is kidding or not...

Spelling, grammar, over-proportioned opinions...

It's all opinion, you may like Fender, Gibson SGs may be "da best guitar in da world," But your friends Fender may be better than your Gibson, and your Ibanez may be better than his Schecter, but it's all opinion.

Anyway, I'd have to say Paul Reed Smith is my opinion, at least in the $2000+ range.

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From 500 to 700. Epiphone Les Paul Ultra had a great feel, easy to play and made wicked sound even out of a ****ty amp. I just wish it wasn't my friend's.