I was wondering if someone could help me out on some questions I have about the 6505+ so yeah the first one is about the "Bias" Mod, I noticed in the back of my 6505+ that there is a bias adjustment, is this a factory option on the plus version 6505 and not the regular 6505, does the Bias Mod give the option of adjusting each pair of powertubes?.
I bought this head second hand so I don't know if this is a Mod or it was made like that at the factory. It's a 240V version as well.
And also I went to check the bias and plugged my multimetre in the back and the head started humming and the powertubes started glowing brighter so i unplugged the multimetre, I don't realy know what happen there, it freaked me out cause I thought it might blow up or something, maybe i had the multimetre set wrong or something, any suggestions?.
Thanks For any Help