Need best guitar for under $300. Currently optioning the ESP LTD F-100FM, Dean V-X, Dean Z-X, Jackson JS30KV King V, Ibanez RG2EX1, B.C. Rich Revenge Warlock, ESP LTD M-100FM, Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio, and the Dean Dave Mustaine VMNTX but am open to any suggestions for guitars other than these. Any suggestions?
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Ibanez. No doubt. Ibanez makes great guitars in a lower price range.

If you could get a little more money together (450-500 altogether) you could get a great Schecter or ESP for still not too much money. I have a Schecter diamond series that was 500 even. Best choice I ever made, my friend. Happy hunting.
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agreed, upgrade amp. get a nice Vypyr if u want another modeling amp.
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Get a new amp first. Upgrade your Line 6 spider.


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i am not sure if you wanted people to agree with you but i think pawn shopping is for experienced players who know right from wrong OR people who know a good deal from a bad deal
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