Hey kids, just looking at getting a pedal board sometimes soon, either something with a load of modules in the one tool or a few different pedals. I'm running an ESP elipse through a Randal 100w 212 combo. Any other guitars I might use will be mainly EMG or Seymour Duncans so metal sound. I'm currently playing in a few different bands, mainly ranging from emo to hardcore/deathcore

effects I'll need
Distortion - Prefferably something heavy and crunchy, more for riffs and lead word
Reverb/Delay - For solos and outros, something that doesn't sound cheap
Boost - for solos
Wah - " "
Tremolo - for kicks

all with stomps.

what is on the market these days?
Distortion- You've got a lot of options, I like the EHX Metal Muff for heavy stuff, but it's kind of a love it or hate it pedal. Try several out as there are a lot out there, two I can suggest skipping though are the boss metalzone and metalcore pedals.

Reverb/Delay- EHX Holy Grail is the best reverb pedal on the market IMO short of a spring reverb tank. for delay it depends on if you want analog or digital.

Boost - Metal muff has one built in, and unless that randall is a tube amp you might want to avoid using a booster anyway.

wah - the two popular ones are Dunlop crybabys and Vox wahs, try 'em out and pick which one you like.
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if u want a really really good one you should buy a boss or a vox peadal board