i know this section is for electric guitar, but the classical and acoustic section is as good as dead....

ah so anyway, i have problems playing for church...in other words, improvising a strumming pattern on the spot to suit the song..

well,i think i've found the problem...i think that i have been strumming the same songs (non-church/christian songs...songs by bands) over and over with the same strumming pattern, till the point whereby whatever i strum to, i use that same strumming pattern... i simply can't '' feel the beat '' of the church songs...and this results in me getting the timing all wrong and messing up the rest of the instruments...which consists of pianists (one piano multiple people) ,violinist and the guitarists...

yeah well i'm trying my very best to follow the strumming pattern of the main guitarist...so all four of us are trying to strum the same pattern, but i just can't get it right...well, for some songs...

an example of a song i can't play well is ''You Rescued Me'' by geoff bullock. My friend did it all in downward strumming and i completely screwed it up. Chord changing was all wrong, mainly because i did not understand and could not follow the pattern.

well, i just want to know whether i've got the correct problem. Does or did anyone have the same problem as me? how do you stop it? Well, i just think that my arms are not relaxed...their too stiff...i don't know how to describe it...anyone has this problem too?

i've played for quite long already and i really can't understand why this is happening...any advice on what to do?

Strumming patterns aren't that difficult to learn.

Try maybe playing some old songs you already know (or preferrably have written yourself) and apply different patterns to them. If it doesn't seem like a natural process, then take the time and experiment until you've come up with a few. Play alone and you'll be comfortable trying something new.

Overall, you'll be fine. It's a common problem and one fairly easily remedied.
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