I can get a pretty nice deal at the bugera 6260 head + 4x12 cab new, and by that i mean around the same price as the randall rg50tc combo version. But im wondering since its 120 watt, will it still be a good metal tone when playing on low volumes, since i will mostly play at home
Yeah, it's a nice amp for the price...
For a good metaltone you will need to crank the volume at least to 2 or higher
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it will sound alot better turned up, but yes, you will get an ok tone. i much rather the sound of peavey valveking over the bugeras, but anyway.
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If you're playing at home, it might be wise to invest in an attentuator.
A quick question
How loud do you need to crank the amp to kick in the "tube overdrive" ?
If you're playing metal you won't want the "tube overdrive", because it gives a smoother classic rock tone.

You should be fine with it in your bedroom.
I had a 6262 half stack in my room, it gets great bedroom tone. No need for an attenuator. An overdrive pedal is a necessity though. Please see fellow forumite Bloodshed in the Bugera thread, he builds his own overdrive pedals and will sell you one if you ask which is quite cool.