Im in need of some help as to what good, inexpensive and powerful bass amps there are.

Im a guitarist so don't really have a clue but i expect to be playing a Westone Thuder active bass through it. It will need to be plenty powerful with very strong deep tones, be able to take a muff well and be loud enough for small gigs.

Im going to go used and have probably about £300 to spend so what do i get?
Get an Ashdown, Preferebly a Perfect ten model. But if you find a better one in your budget then get it. But try to get an Ashdown Amp
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I've never been disappointed by a Laney. If you're in the UK definitely look at them and Ashdown.
Y do look into ashdown but there practise amp range is crap. The mag, abm, clasic are excellent and hopefully the new us series will be good.
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For £270 I got my Ashdown MAG300 115 combo so £300 can get you much more than the shoddy Ashdown practice range!

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If you go to Gak or Fairdeal music (birmingham, but they have a website) you can get a Laney RB8 for around £300. I think Reverb also stock ashdown still, but am not sure as to their prices.
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If you dont mind used gear. I'd say do that. I got my 2x12 cab and head for $150(US) combined($60 for the cab, $90 for the head). Ive had no problems with either, minus some visual defects, and Im thinking I got a great deal. Dont be afraid to look for used gear, you never know what you'll find

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