So for christmas, i got £250 to spend on a pedalboard, so this is what i was planning.

Boss Noise Supressor, Chromatic Tuner, maybe Equaliser
Marshall Jackhammer
Jim Dunlop JH-1 Wah (Which i already own)

All placed in a nice Boss BCB pedalboard casing thing.

My band plays Rancid style punk/ska, so phaser/flanger aren't really necessary at this point. My other gear is an Ibanez RG08LTD into a Peavey Bandit 112 new model.
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look at the Stagg pedal cases. much more sopisticated than the boss IMO

and youre not limited to boss sized pedals

look at MXR for EQs


if i were you i'd definately look into a new amp it accounts for so much more of your tone

look at a peavey valveking combo
peavey windsor combo
epiphone valve standard combo
possibly a Laney VC15/VC30
maybe even a fender blues junior
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i hate to be the "zomg you n33d t00b amp nub", but if you spent all that pedal money and sold your current amp, you would have like a 500 dollar amp fund, which you can get something amazing out of. a good amp with the jimi hendrix wah beats the crappy bandit with a pedalboard

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