Wrote this piece today, C4C of course,

The mid November snow is coming down so white and full of life.
Floating on the thick polluted air, cover nothing like it suppose too.
The light gray sky opened up, released these crystal pieces of irregularity.
Like a white curtain, the worlds don’t seem as gray as usual.

Come to life up in the gray, die as they collide with the tarmac road.
Like the mayfly, the time is short but there is so much done.
The magnificence that is performed, this is something to remember.
I’m inside my window looking out, to catch a glimpse of this rare moment.

Falling in different frequency, angle and speed, it forms a pattern no computer could re-do.
In this second as I watch it fall, everything is just forgotten.
Don’t take things like this for granted; you don’t experience them every day.
Still the snowflakes just fall not knowing of their final destiny.

Soon it’s gone too long, not even the lukewarm ground can’t resist.
The cover is rebuilding, to cover the tracks of humanities all wrong decisions.
The rooftops turn white, a new era which will not last long.
We saw the grass was greener so we made the whole world green.

It’s stopped now, but there are still fragments of white in the grass.
Who know when you see the snow again; like Prozac to the masses.
It’s gone before you realize, the moment pass so fast.
I hope I remember this forever, these lines and words are my memory.
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