Hey Guys!

First Of all,
Ive been playing for 4 months and a half on my Classical

The Hardest Song I have managed to Play Is "Nothing Else Matters" by metallica

And Because I want an electric (since a cant stand classical for my style of Playing) and want a Cheap one(because of my budget) i selected these guitars:

1:Epiphone Les Paul Special II ---145 Euros
2:Squier strat Bullet ---98 Euros
3:Bc Rich Warlock BK BRONCE II ---155 Euros

My style is mostly metal and Rock.....I really Like The LP Body Shape

Which one would you recommend??
Thanks In advances

P.S I cant try the guitars in a shop because im ordering the from the internet
You should go with the les paul definately, the strat wouldn't be great for metal and the bc rich would be awkward to sit down with (especially for a beginner).
i would recommend a schecter (pretty cheap-i got mine on ebay 1/2 off an already cheap price) and why cant you at least try a few? it makes a huge difference and itll be less likely you'll hate it and have to go through sending it back.. stupid idea really
personally if u want look bc all the way but i agree with sharky22 les paul is prob the best.
schecters are good for metal and pretty cheap dont buy a strat/fender if your into metal..... look at some jacksons too and dont settle for anything unless its wat you really want

of the three i would say buy the lp
Oh yeah i forgot To tell you guys....I tried The LP and was comfortable with me and my hands :P

The epiphone special II
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Oh yeah i forgot To tell you guys....I tried The LP and was comfortable with me and my hands :P

Short of trying some out it seems like you've made up your mind.
Out of those choices, the epiphone for sure, although I recommend a Studio or Standard over the Special II
of those 3, the LP for sure. Though I'd recommend you check local pawn shops first, you can find some great deals if you look hard enough.
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What country are you in? And don't forget that you'll need an amp too...
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Of the 3 guitars you mentioned, i would definately get the epiphone. I would also look at schecter and ESP LTD. And, do you have an amp? remember you will need to figure in the cost of amp, a cord, etc...
Im in Cyprus,In Europe...

Umm I found 2 deals for the epiphone Les paul special II

1:[195 euros] for Gigbag, tuner, cable,15 Watts Epiphone Amp,Strap,3 picks and A cd with Backing tracks

SunBurnt Color

2:[175 euros] for Gigbag, tuner, cable,10 Watts Epiphone Amp,Strap,3 picks and A cd with Backing tracks

Black Color

Which one of these would you recommend?

Oh i dont know the name of the amps...
Out of those, as u already looked into, the LP is def the best, but i would also like to suggest and ESP LTD. By far (imo) best for metal. Dunno how good they are tho in that low of a price range....