I have a question. Do you have to put acoustic/electric stings on a acoustic/electric guitar or can you just put acoustic strings on it. I have a Sigma Tb-1 and have been putting acoustic/electric string on it but I wanted to try something different. Also, what would be the best gauge if you can do this. Thank you!
Well you can't put nylon strings on an electric guitar. Pick ups work with magnetism, and nylon isn't magnetic.

I would just use acoustic strings for acoustics, and electric guitar strings for electric guitars.
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the non-wound strings (high E and B) can be interchanged between an acoustic and an electric.

but generally, the wound ones are not.
If the guitar uses a body mic for its pick-up, then you can put anything on it and it'll still work fine. If it's like the Taylor T5 and uses a humbucker, in addition to a body mic, then you have to use steel acoustic strings. One other thing to keep in mind, is if the guitar is currently setup for steel or phosphor bronze strings and you restring with nylon, the neck tension is going to be way off. This will cause some problems with the action. Best to continue using the same type of string it came with.