Hey dudes, so I'm like building a guitar on Warmoth and do not want to have to order a toggle switch. So the question is, what sort of switch do I need? Like, resistance wise. I am using two humbuckers, volume-tone-tone. Do I need an On-On-On switch? I am confused, please help O_o. Thanks.
On-On will let you toggle between bridge and neck pickups. On-Off will let you turn 1 pickup on or off. On-On-On will let you select just the bridge, the bridge and the neck together, or just the neck. On-Off-On would let you select just the bridge, neither pickup, or just the neck.

Most people want an On-On-On switch.
Not taking any online orders.
^switches are not measured in ohms. Switches are measured in terms of how much current they can handle.

How about you tell us exactly what you want to do and we can tell you what you need to do it.
Not taking any online orders.
Resistance and switches have little to do with each other. The voltages and currents in a guitar are miniscule. ANY switch will work.

You want an on-on-on, like Cord said.