Is there a certain amount of time you should use a cable for?
Do they go bad in a similar way that strings require changing after a month or two?
Is there a way to know that my cable would need to be changed?
Been curious about this, thanks for reading.
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Go to guitar center. Buy as many MONSTER cables as you need. Use them until they either stop working or are close to it. Go swap them for new FREE monster cables.
Well, copper doesn't oxidise as quickly as some other metals, plus considering the fact that it's coated with 2 layers of plastic and rubber, it's unlikely that it'll oxidise inside.

Treat them with care, don't deliberately bend and twist them, and don't get them wet. They'll last.

Ok, I'd try replacing a cable if it was, like, 40 years old, but if it's been taken care of properly, it might not have suffered.
Pretty much what sashki said. If you don't step on it and tug at the ends (which sometimes can't be helped lol) then you're good.

ANY cable with a life time warranty is worth it's weight in gold. They ALL will fail at some point, no use purchasing the same cable a thousand times over your guitar-playing career.
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