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A big ass upright

i hope so, I'm looking at one of those also
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i played what i think was one of those at a music shop a while ago.
it was definitely a black, 5er, schecter that wasnt a stilletto.
it felt like crap.
it felt like it was made of plastic.
it felt like a lunch box.
thats bad.

but i'm not certain it was that bass, its probable though.
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Definitely go for the Stiletto. You can get the Custom 5 for $80 more, I'm sure it's worth it.
Unless you're planning on shipping these to you you should try them out on display before you buy them, and try out as many other 5-strings as you can as well. Your teacher may like them but you may finally play one and hate it.

Pointless text insert- I was planning for so long to buy a Stilletto Studio-5 but decided to go with an Ibanez SR505 because I actually did prefer the tone and playability. To each his own.
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