Hey guys im having a problem with fingers coming quite far of the fret board i done alot of chromatic metronome work lately and the problem is getting better but im finding it especially difficult with my pinky is there ne thing u could reccommend trying?

thanks alot!
Freepowers videos on finger independence and correct practice.



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I've found that my brain will automatically make my fingers not go as far from the fretboard when I'm playing quicker than slower. Having said that, when practicing, all I worry about is accuracy and rhythm. Perhaps that doesn't apply to everyone, but...
try the "1234" patterns up and down the frets with just your pinky. Also try hitting all the notes in whatever scales/patterns you know with just your pinky. Its hard i know, and you probably wont go too fast at first, but it will build strength! Playing barre chords on an acoustic will also help. Lately ive come up with some cool stuff sliding my pinky up and down minor patterns on each string...gives u kind of a Steve Vai-ish sound heh