So i finally found the time to edit this one. It is sooo much better now. Hardly even the same piece. I know i still owe so crits...i'll get to them....nobody think I forgot about them Alright so.....C4C.

Overworked Sidewalks

Little children
With high hopes and no shoes
Lace up their legs
And make their way to school
Across a sidewalk
Thats under paid and over used
Just to still be breathing
Is everything they ever dreamed of
And so much more

Mothers strain their vocal chords
From the top step of the porch
"Did you remember to spray
your skin on before you left the house?"
"Yes, mother. I wouldn't want
people to think I was dead."

Bus stop children
Have gnarled vertabrae
And a spine that resembles a broken leg
Disinfected, and sewn back together again
Bloods trails on the sidewalk
From where they drug their hands
Dead skin decorates holiday doors
And still no one has made it
To the promised land

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