Well, I'm a huge fan of making songs under 3 minutes long =p. Anyway, there were a few riffs I had for a long, long time. I pieced them together the other day, and liked the results. I recorded bass and guitar using my Line6 Toneport D-I and Audacity. I'm notoriously simplistic when it comes to drumtracks, which I made using samples from my Casio wk-3500 keyboard and Hydrogen drum machine. I thought the effects in the intro really suited the title of the song. Please let me know what you think, I'll return the favor! C4C
Pretty good riffs man, you were rockin' out. Just work on the drum track, more cymbals would make it more metal-ish. Keep it up though and thanks for the crit!
Pretty sweet track dude, that was a lot of riffs packed into such a short time (they were all nice though)
Some tasty riffing there man. There's a lot of good ideas in that short track, but you haven't really given time for a lot of them to develop. I like the bassline, but the drums are a bit of a let down - quite simplistic and well, basically if you work them a bit more it will definitely make the track sound far better.

But overall, a good sounding track with catchy metal riffing with a good solid groove, well done
that was some really awesome riffing! very catchy riffs!
i genuinely feel that u have some good potent
no real critique here. it was lovely

please critique me on my blues here.. cuz i v just started playing blues last month
Set up:-
Kustom Sound 40W Guitar Amp
Marshall MG15 CD
Zoom 707 II (surprisingly good..)
VOX Tonelab ST
Jackson DK2M (Seymour duncan TB4 and the SD jazz)
I liked some of the riffs there. Especially the ones with the pinch harmonics sounded cool. Didn't really like the higher register 16th-note descending runs. Other than that, pretty solid stuff. The drum track, however, was atrocious. You ought to get a good drum programming software or hire a drummer.

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Haha, okay guys, I get the idea, my drumtracks just aren't cutting it, I'll probably buy EZ drummer or something similar when I get the money =p
hey! thanx a lot for the critique on my thread! i really appreciated the constructive inputs and the time u took out to map out ur suggestions at the appropriate time on the track.
cheers man
and again, great job on ur riffs
Set up:-
Kustom Sound 40W Guitar Amp
Marshall MG15 CD
Zoom 707 II (surprisingly good..)
VOX Tonelab ST
Jackson DK2M (Seymour duncan TB4 and the SD jazz)
Hahaha the drums are pretty ridiculous. If you went in the other direction though, and got even worse sounding drums, really making them sound as digital as possible it might actual make a cool effect. The tones are a little digital sounding but are fitting - sort of Zakk Wylde and Dimebag at the same time.

Those riffs are tight though. Some of the more lead type runs sound kind of odd, maybe a little forced, but overall this is very cool. Nice and heavy. The end is kind of slack though. End it big - it sounds like the well of meta dried up - not destroyed like it should have.

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