On an impulse, I bought a Devi Ever Disaster Fuzz and a Sub Decay Noisebox.

Dear god, what hell hath I wrought on this planet? These are without a doubt the most ****ed up (in a good way) pedals I have ever used. They can sound like a Fuzz Factory that is chemically imbalanced or a broken robot.

I have spent all weekend toying around and making noise. Volume Swells + Delay+ Phase+ POG+Wacked out Fuzzes/octave generators= win. Never before did I enjoy two-handed tapping, but now the robot noises that I can emulate make tapping so much cooler. Suck it EVH.

Granted these probably will not make it onto my regular gig board. They are cool for making thunderstorm effects and robot noises and general tomfoolery. I have already written several disjointed intros that climax with a few angry power chords coming from a Mesa Roadster/ Orange RV50 duo.

I am currently working on doing Christmas Carols using this set-up.

Pics and clips later when the camera charges/ I set up the mics.

Now for the good news...

Some of you may remember me reporting my gear being stolen last year. Well, I got a call from the police and my Mesa Boogie Mark III (purple stripe) and Orange 212 were found and returned (they are distinct because I had them retolexed in white, with black grill clothes)! I am so pleased with the way my weekend has gone! Too bad my PRS CU24, Modded American strat, and Deluxe ash tele are probably long gone....

Now my basement is flooded with amps and cabs. I sense a purge/sale coming before Christmas.
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Wow, man, sounds like karma is finally working for you.

Great buys and great luck with your amp and cab coming back!
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One of my housemates just asked me what I was doing with a chainsaw in the basement. lol
(amp feedback + disaster fuzz)

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