Slight problem: my turntable (contraption that plays vinyl, for all you n00bz) crapped out on me last week. So, being the clever boy that I am, I figured I'd ask for another one for Christmas this year. One that is stronger and better than ever before. However, I know nothing technical about turntables.

That's where you guys come in!

Could you suggest to me any nice, good-quality, yet not horribly expensive turntables which I could ask Santa for this year?

Ask your parents for one and I'm sure they know vinyls better than you, to be honest

Mine never went up, haha. I guess I'm lucky.

P.S. I'm a womanfolk! : )

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"Being the clever boy" you are, google it.

No need to get sassy, buddy. I've been googling it all morning. Just wanted some firsthand opinions, if that's not too much to ask .
You should just rebuild it to make it better, faster and stronger.
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Price range: for the turntable itself I really wouldn't want it more than, say, $250. What can I say, I'm poor. And I need a new receiver and sheeit too.
I've got one for about 100 dollar with a USB-output so I can record my vinyls to my computer. That's nice...
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How did your current one "crap out on you"?? 'Cause it may be cheaper to have it fixed?
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How did your current one "crap out on you"?? 'Cause it may be cheaper to have it fixed?

I thought about that, but this thing is fucking OLD. Like, too old. Sorta just fried. I guess I could look into it though...
Look for a used technics sl 1200. those things are built like tanks and u can find a used in good condition for $100-$200
Technics Sl 1200 are the industry standard when it comes to mixing, are damn reliable, and look nice too. You might have to get needles seperately though.