so only recently did i start playing in a band that plays metal.
so my issue is i do not have the guitar that is needed for this- i own an american made stratocaster, as i used to play in a classic rock band way back in the day
so im redoing my pickups, (rewiring my pickups for a humbucker at the bridge with my 2 single coils at the middle and neck)
however, i figured that i want more power out of my distortion, which my amp wont give me. so which distortion pedal should i buy? i hear tube screamers are good, but i have never really played with distortion pedals so i dont know what to look at. im going for tones along the lines of protest the hero, disturbed, alexisonfire. anything that can give me a dirty heavy tone. thanks
I've got a rocktron distortion pedal for sale if ur interested...its made for metal.

or get a boss distortion pedal.
I highly recommend a Keeley modded Boss Metal Zone. It is a spectacular metal pedal. It's light years better than the stock model. FWIW, I absolutely despised the Metal Muff. It's top boost is utterly useless and noisey.
Quote by nightraven
calm down kiddo, he wanted a distortion pedal and was interested in the TS, i told him it was an OD and that it's for the vast majority of the time used in the world of rock and blues, rendering it not the best choice for a distortion pedal to make br00tal sounds with

and i was saying dont discount it if you dont want to play metal for ever
People, there is know way we can recommend him a pedal if we do not know his amplifier situation.

So shut up until he gets back