Okay, so today I picked myself up a Hondo II Rickenbacker Bass Copy in a second hand shop for £30. The guy said it's from the 70s, and that's all I really know about it.

A lot of work needs done: Priorities are that I'm missing a bridge pickup and the cover and all the rest of it. I'm also missing the saddles on the bridge.

I'm very confused about what to buy, as I'm not sure on Rickenbackers at all. Can anybody give me some guidance on what to buy, and maybe include a link?


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I'm no ricken-player, so I can't be of much help. =/ Are you looking to cherry it? (as in, get all original parts on it again)

Or do you wanna pimp it out with brand new parts?

I'd say to try Ebay for the parts you're missing either way, you'd be surprised at what you can find. That's all the advice I can give really, I'm a newbie at most of that too. =/
But I mean for 30 pounds/euros/whatever currency, it sounds like a good project to start off.
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Sounds like a steal (Pawnshop FTW!)

He's right, check out ebay for deals, it's rediculous what you'll find on there.



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That very last picture looks like the metal is just tarnished, so if you wanna clean that up buy some Brasso, it should be in the house-cleaning aisles in most Wal-Marts, it should be in like, a little goldenrod colored bottle. The stuff works wonders, took the tarnish right off my guitar case. Just be careful not to get in cuts, that stuff burns bad. ><

But yeah try Ebay out or take it to a guitar dealer and see what type would fit that they know of.

Once it's fixed up I bet that thing will be very nice. ;]

EDIT: You don't live in the US, so Wal-Mart doesn't exactly help. xD;
Just look for any old Metal Polish or Metal Tarnish remover, should work just fine.
My main squeeze is a
Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
once you polish this up, get new parts (from ebay )
It is going to look great!

I don't know much about bases and/ or rickenbacker except that, that bass looks liket he one used by the bassist from muse on the HAARP tour thing, look it up on youtube.

well thats all I got to say
Good Luck
Hi Stuart

Do you still have the Hondo Rickenbacker copy?

I bought mine in 1981 (way back in the day...) and I've still got it. Your headtsock is slightly different as mine doesn't have Hondo II on it. It only has it on the truss rod cover. It cost £125 in 1981. I seem to recall the real thing costing £500 - £600 at that time. The model number is H860S.

If you have 2 jack sockets on the underside then you have a stereo bass! (one mono and one stereo - neck pickup one channel, bridge pickup the other)

As far as spare parts are concerned, the only people who make them are Rickenbacker. They pursued everyone who copied their instruments through the courts which is why no-one else makes them now. I even heard of them stopping an e-bay auction for one of these because it was called a "Rickenbacker copy".

You can get pick-ups from Seymour Duncan, but they cost more than the guitar is worth! I need a new tail piece for mine (it's useable but damaged) but it has to be a Rickenbacker part and it costs £105.....

Good luck with fixing it up. If you don't want it or get bored, I'd be interested in it for the tailpiece alone!


Wow thats nice. 4001s are really nice instruments, and even for a copy, i bet its pretty cool. The post above explains why i cant find anything remotely close to a Ric copy out there. Anyway, Rickenbacker is the only company authorized to make replacement hardware, like pickup covers and stuff like that. I think DiMarzio has a replacement pickup for it, but otherwise, parts for it arent easy to come by.
Doesnt Hipshot make replacement parts for Rickenbacker too?
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As people have said, Rickenbacker parts cost so much money. Hmm.. I'd be tempted to put standard parts on it, say a slim soapbar (Like a Bart) in the pickup. It's the closest size I can think of that will fit. A jazz pup in the neck. Install a standard bridge? It WILL lose that Ricky feel/look. But you really wont find parts for this .

Now, there may be an easier way. Indie, Tokio and Ibanez made "illegal" copies, if you could find someone selling the parts from those, you may well get that Rickenbacker look again. Oh...and don't ask the Rickenbacker forum about it, they'll hunt you down with pitch forks and swear at you.
Boy, I think you're missing more than just the saddles on the bridge, for some reason, I recall their being more to the bridge than that. As for the bridge pickup, you should be able to snipe something off e-bay for it.
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Have any of you guys noticed this one on E-Bay?

3 bids and up to £255 already!!

Might be worth spending the money on those genuine Ricky parts after all... I'm making a list of parts up right now.

I notice the hipshot parts are very good but just as pricey as the "real thing".


Will be interesting to see how this ends up as there's still a couple of days to go.

Thought you guys(especially Stuart) might be interested to know the one on ebay went for £560. I'm gobsmacked....