Alright, I recently got a Mexican strat from 2002. A great guitar, has all the little things picked off for cost-cutting measures in 2005. A 2001 Mexican tele just came onto the local Craigslist for $150 though. I need a tube amp now as I'm playing a gig with a friends band two Fridays from now, and I have $200 for a Crate V50, but the tele is used and is probably going to go by then. Should I suck up my pride and get a job, or is there not much difference between a tele and a strat? Sorry if that seems a stupid question, I never extensively compared the two, I was more trying for a humbucker vs. single-coil comparison when I got my strat.

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yes, get a job. why havent you by now?

Very well then. And it'd be because the only place that are hiring around here are supermarkets, and supermarkets around here are notorious for treating employees like crap til' they climb the ladder a bit.

Baltimore Orioles: 2014 AL Eastern Division Champions, 2017: 75-87
Baltimore Ravens: 2012 World Champions, 2017: 3-3
2017 NFL Pick 'Em: 52-39
Well, if you can get the amp anywhere, get the Tele first.
If the amp is on a time limit as well, go for the amp, it's more important, especially since you JUST got that Strat.
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Thanks fer settin me straight on that Justice

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I was thinking that too, Justice usually seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy.
I don't mean to soud harsh, but what the hell do you need a mexican tele for if you already have a strat? Especially since you JUST bought the strat. A strat and a tele are pretty much identicle guitars. The only differences are that a strat has an extra pickup and a tremelo bridge, so I don't know what you plan on doing with a Telecaster that can't be done with a strat. They play and sound pretty much exactly the same, so buy the amp.

EDIT: But if you find that you like a Tele more than Strat, then I suggest you sell the strat and then buy the telecaster. IMO having a strat and a tele is like owning a Mitsubishi Eclipse and an Eagle Talon.
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the amp would make more of a differeance between sounds then the instrument would

they are both fantastic instruments
Buying a solid amp is very important.
I had this choice for a while, as well - except I wasn't going to be buying practically the same guitar again - but I decided, seeing as I already own two good, quality guitars, and I don't owe a quality amp good enough for gigs, that I would save up for something that will last me forever and cater for all situations.
Once you have a neat amp, in time, guitars can then become another addition to your setup.

By the way, the difference between the Tele and the Strat is quite noticeable, but at the end of the day, it's all up to preference as to which one you prefer. The Tele feels quite a bit different to play, to me anyway.
I love both guitars just as much, but I would use a proper Strat more because of it's extra features.

save you some money to bribe the local supermarket manager that reminds me i think ill need to get a small job aswell or with the money you can get the footswitch
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