Its time for a new guitar. I updated my amp from some garbage Kustom 10 watt to a 65 watt Crate FW-65. I currently have a strat rip off from some no name brand (Called "Harmonics"). My style of playing is mostly pop-punk,old punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, and modern rock (Some bands are Blink-182, green Day, Rise Against, Box Car Racer, All Time Low, Foo Fighters) you get the idea.

Now i am debating the guitar i want. I don't want another strat, so please dont recommend a FenderMIM HSS.

I wanted either an Epiphone G-310 with the vintage white finish http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-G310-SG-Electric-Guitar?sku=518280

or and Epiphone Dot Studio http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Dot-Studio-SemiHollow-Electric-Guitar?sku=518706

My price range is $200-350 (USD)

Which one is better for me?
Or if you guys and gals have any better ideas then mine let me know!

Thanks in advance
Are u sure u want the crate ?? its just dat i am not such a big fan of crate amps...and just remember wattage=/=quality...from the guitars u have suggested if u plan to work on it a bit then get the G 310 or else the dot...personally i aint fan of either semi hollows or the SG....i wud go for an epi les paul for dat much...or chk this one out...has good reviews too
Washburn - very good guitars. They have both an excellent low range, mid range and high range of guitars, particularly from the IDOL series.

Go to www.thomann.de and go to guitars - choose the type you specifically fancy (Strat style, SG style, etc,) and put in P90 pickups and see what you get. If you're interested in sounding like Green Day (the pickups he uses) give a guitar with those in them, they are awesome; a perfect combination of chunkiness and brunt force, reminiscient of a humbucker along with the sharp bite of a single coil.

Hofhner Colorama - good guitar

Most Epiphones are well worth the few bucks you will be paying. They're all good.

Can't think of anything else I've tried at this point in time, to be honest.
Personally I'd go for the dot out of those 2
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