I have been trying to learn this song Tell me Baby by the Red Hot chili peppers. I have been following this online lesson. Everything sounds pretty good except for i do not think the chorus is right. The guy in the lesson has you doing the same thing as the intro but an octave higher.

What do you guys think?

The chorus is the last thing he teaches you, so it is at the end.
my mistake for saying it was wrong. i read your post wrong. it looks completely right from what i know. i play it the same way.
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Hmm... really? I am pretty sure the Am has some notes switched.
i can play that as good as john..
its not the exact same thing an octave higher, but similar.
its octaved:

tell me baby, whats your story....
f c g am

where you've come from and where you wanna go tonight(i think lol)
f c g dm

i dont know how to submit tab through a post...

i believe thats right, i dont have a guitar with me...sorry...