I have a few amplifiers in mind that I want to buy - The Framus Dragon being the top one - and there is no way I can try one out without traveling abroad. So, I've decided to buy the amp from Thomann and use their 30 day warranty return policy to allow myself appropriate time to try the amp out and familiarize myself with it, particularly under a band situation (something very few people actually get to do before they buy an amp from a shop)

Is this a wise course? Have other people done this before and had favourable outcomes?

Thanks, folks.
I bought a guitar from thomann without trying it, and i ended up very pleased with the guitar
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Sounds pretty good to me.

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well, i guess its the best thing you could do. unfortunately, theres no way we can magically make an amp appear and then try it, and sometimes the only way we can try it is in GC next to a bunch of dumbasses playing extremely sloppy and out of tune shredding

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as long as you can return it if theres some sort of defect or whatever. i personally would never buy any gear without first trying it...
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...sounds like music to me
It seemed like a practical idea to me. You get about 20 days (allowing 10 days for postage) to test it properly; fully EQ'ing it in the most adept and proficient way you can, whilst also putting it along side your band, as well.

So, has anyone else tried and tested this method before and NOT been happy with something and sent it back having no quibbles or qoubbles?
Thomann delivery super speedily...
i got my hardcase the 2nd day after ordering it...

they don't pay for the return postage, however...
so if you want to send it back, you'll have to send it back yourself...
The Framus is surely easily re-sold, maybe not where I live but I can put it up on ebay and flog it off there.

I emailed them to make sure that they would accept returns within a 30 day limit and its perfectly OK with them. I also don't mind paying the courier to take it back, especially if it's for such a noble cause. I don't doubt that, I just worry that there might be a huge hassle linked with buying before trying. I may not be happy with it and have to go through a huge process to return it, worrying about it's safety in transit (I would have to pay for it if it were broken) and everything else that could happen.
That's the real reason as to why I posted.