This will prolly be my last thread for a few days lol, i think im spamming the forum with all these questions of mine, but anyways

I think i had sort of an epiphany this morning as i was playing my guitar, and began my 4-6 hour practice, i decided i was going to learn some basic string skipping, and played this riff



its a fill from kryptonite by three doors down, anyway, i can play through it, but i don't know if im fretting a part right, how do you fret a note on diffrent strings on the same fret, is it with the same finger just moved really quickly or well i have no idea lol,

(i learned this in like ten minutes i was amazed

thanks in advance

oh and might as well get this all in one thread, my amp is making a buzzing sound but when i place my fingers on the strings it stops, anyway to fix this? also every other mode on my selector has a crazy buzz any way to fix?
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that is normal.
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To the first question about playing the same fret on different strings, I'd barre it.
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