Is there a article anywhere about taking care of cables?
I just spent $75 on cable for my PA (XLR, speakon, 1/4 speaker) and I like to kknow the PROPER way to store and take care of my cables.
dont roll them up as tight as possible as that will strain the wiring and eventually break, if you let your cable fall from your hand and then pull it up loosely, more loose than you think it would need so that it has an almost natural curl, so it is not strained, if left like that then they will last unless something else happens to them
sorry if this is hard to understand, its pretty tough to explain.
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I roll all my cables up into a 1 1/2' diameter circle and store them in a rolling cart with pull out draws. For smaller cables they make wall mounted racks where you can hang cables from.

Get a few of those velcro loops to keep the cables organized. They really help quite a bit.

I've been using two cheap guitar cables for over 2 years now and they have never given me any trouble.

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When the cable is tied up its suppose to have more of a U shape at both ends, rather than a sharp bend in it?
any type of sharp bend will strain the cable and cause it to break over time.
Try to keep bending to a minimum and look out for sales at GC when it comes to cables. I've heard they have some amazing deals every now and then.