ok well heres my question. im a little new to the whole tube amp thing but i know that they have better tone the louder you turn them up. i was wondering if theres a way to quiet like say a combo amp so that your amp itself is running at a higher volume than the volume you hear. i was thinking about putting my amp in a plywood box with carpeting glued to the inside of the box to sort of muffle the sound and thus i could turn the amp up louder on the dial but the sound i would hear wouldnt be as loud. anybody know if this works? or something similar i could do... even electronically?
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A device that will do that electronically is an attenuator. It goes between the head and the cab (speakers).

I have heard of isolation boxes for recording (you put the mic in with the cab), but not for general playing. I think you'd lose a lot of high-end that way. Personally I don't think it'd be worth the time and trouble, but if you want to try it, go ahead!!
haha ummm you can put an overdrive in front of it to simulate it, you can play on a smaller amp, ive put a loop pedal and put the volume up all the way on that and got overdrive....but god please dont put your amp in a plywood box haha
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It can be done by sacrificing your tone. I think that if you cover the amp with something you will lost the highs.

tldr: will sound like shit
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It can be done, if you google 'speaker isolation cabinet', you'll get plenty of results. However, if you get a power attenuator, you can bring the volume up as necessary if you get into a band situation.
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I have an iso box, 3/4 plywood and a bunch of egg crate foam. It works very good for recording but if you turn it up loud the low end sound will leak out, like subs in a car trunk. Dont put a tube combo in an iso box, the heat coming off the tubes will cause problems in many different ways.
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No, he wants a Weber MASS.

THD Hotplates are rather "bad". More tone suckage at a higher cost.

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A HotPlate type device is basically what you want.
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ok attenuator is what i want then. i dont really think the box is a good idea after all (losing high's, over heating tubes... ya). il keep that in mind. might pick one up sometime soon
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Try not to go on a brand flamewar.
A HotPlate type device is basically what you want.

Fair enough, my bad.
But if you go with an attenuator, look into the MASS.
They're cheaper, at least.
Either get a lower wattage tube amp so you can turn it up or a higher wattage one with attenuator. The box idea is not gonna work to well. And would probably just cook your amp.
Attenuator isn't exactly the answer here. You'll get more power tube saturation, but you'll lose some high and a lot of the dynamics that come with tube amps.
Attenuators should be used to bring down a cranked amp's volume by a few decibels, not to turn it down to conversation/bedroom levels of volume.

Here's the ultimate solution: Re-amping.
cranked amp > dummy load > power amp > cabinet.

Essentially, you're sending the cranked amp's signal to the dummy load, to bring it to line level. Then you run the line level signal to a power amp like a Crate power block, so you can have that cranked tone at any volume.