Just wondering what you guys use to clean your fretboards... I was in Sam Ash today and noticed they have a lot of polishers... But are those good for actually cleaning all the gunk n stuff off the fretboard?
Clean spit(as in you haven't just chugged down two Red Bulls back-to-back) and a rag work surprisingly well and, if you have an old cotton t-shirt lying around, they are cheap as free.
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I think it depends on what your fretboard is made of but I'm not sure, I've never taken a cleaner to my fretboard as much as I realize I should.
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I use GHS Fast Fret. It works pretty well. You can also just use a damp cloth and a nice firm rub. If you do this, however, make sure you dampen the cloth and not the fretboard. Doing this will help you control the amount of moisture you get on your guitar(too much isnt good).

I wouldn't suggest using spit though. It's unsanitary and can potentially grow mold on your guitar neck.

Lemon oil is a good fingerboard lubricant and should be used every half a year or so, but it's not meant to be a cleaner.
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i use an old t-shirt and use a fair amount of pressure to try to get the gunk off. and if needed i wrap a pick in some cloth and gently scrape a little.
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