I've been getting lot of buzz out of my amplfier recently. I think it may be because of recently using a daisy chain to power my pedals. I have 4 pedals (3 boss, 1 Ibanez) powered by a single adaptor through a daisy chain. I play through a fender deville.

I've tested out each cable individually and they all work fine, and I've removed each pedal from the link and the noise is still there, so it doesnt seem to be any one pedal. I seem to recall the buzz beginning around the time I started using the daisy chain - has anyone else had this problem, or have a clue as to what might be causing it?
Do you have some of these pedals before the pre-amp, and then some of them after (in the FX loop), cause that would certainly cause buzz. If that is the case, get a new power supply and use one for the FX before the amp, and the other for the FX in the loop (or find a dedicated power supply, with isolated outputs)