Okay, so this Christmas im gonna get Zoom G7.1ut ( ) as an effects pedal for both recording and live use. However, earlier today I came across a Korg Kaoss Pad 1 and 2 for the first time.
Now, I'm definitely getting the Zoom pedal as it comes with cubase le 4. But I really like the idea of the korg pad. Im wondering if the pedal is able to do all the things that the pad can do. Im really into the sort of electronica meets rock/metal (think stockholm syndrome muse type stuff, I know that Matt Bellamy uses a korg pad built into his guitar). Keep in mind I will only be getting the korg if I can find a cheap one on the net.

So UG, what are your opinions on this.

my options:
1) Zoom G7.1ut
2) Korg Kaoss pad 2 and Zoom G7.1ut (least preferable because it's too expensive)
3) Korg Kaoss pad 1 and Zoom G7.1ut

EDIT: btw, any alternative ideas are very welcome though keep in mind they have to be under £300
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