how do you tune this guitar to drop D, i don't understand this tuning system on this
Use the fine tuners at the bridge, instead of unlocking the nut, it's simpler.

In short, you have to unlock the nut via an allen wrench every time you restring, or make a drastic tuning change. You can't tune pretty much anything past standard to drop D without putting the tuning out of whack though, because you have an Original Floyd Rose Tremolo system, which is a floating tremolo, and thus, will lose spring tension if you detune too far.
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how do you tune this guitar to drop D, i don't understand this tuning system on this

1) remove the clamps on the locking nut

2) tune the low E to a D. The other strings will probably go up in pitch a little, so retune them and continue retuning them until they're all at the desired pitch

3) check the angle of the trem to the body. With the low E dropped, the trem will probably be sitting a little deeper into the cavity than it should. If you only intend to play in drop D for a short while, leave it that way.

If you want to keep the guitar in drop D, follow these steps:

4) open up the back plate covering the trem cavity

5) you'll see two big screws connected to a plate which in turn is connected to the springs. Loosen the two screws a little (make sure to turn them both an equal amount to keep the metal plate straight). You should see the trem rising a little.

6) retune and check is the bridge is at the right angle again. If it's not, adjust the screws again and retune. Repeat this until the guitar is tuned perfectly and the bridge is at the right angle

7) if you want, you can lock the nut again

That should do it. For pictures and further info, refer to your owners manual or the FR thread stickied at the top of this forum.
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first off all you have to set the springs in the back to that tunning or it's gonna throw your bridge all out of place... second un loosen the locking nuts keep the fine tuners in place and loosen the strings down to drop D and then tighten the locking nut back up and then find tune it if it's to high or to low..
watch videos on youtube about floyd rose tuning and setup and that will eventually get you to understand everything. thats how i learned
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