So my band is a three piece electronic rock band (guitar, drums, keyboards). For a three person band, we do use a lot of equipment: guitarist uses a 50 tube amp, keyboardist needs 2 bass amps: a 100 and a 120 watt amp because he uses a lot more bass, which is bad for one amp. For the vocals, we used to have an 80 watt PA but the vocal/guitarist's ex took it back after a while. Now, we are stuck without a way of amplifying the vocals. We would like to use as little amount of equipment as possible, but we're not sure whether we should invest into a good PA which the vocals and keyboardist could plug into, or wait for the keyboardist to get a new, better amp and then use one of the old ones for vocals.

We'd like to use as little as possible so we can fit it all into one car for gigging. Advice is taken gratefully. Thanks in advance.
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Well investing in a new one would be the best thing to do, IF you got the cash for it.

And it could depend on when the Keyboardist gets his/her new amp, Cause then like you said you could use an amp for the vocals.

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