Some time ago we made a song called Crazy Like A War, but the chorus was really **** so we changed it, and then re-released the song as Soldier's Fall.
I would apreciate any constructive criticism.

you can find the song here:
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Your song is pretty cool, the problems come with the production. The drumming is nice and fits perfectly, but it kind of bright and needs some EQ and compression. The bass is done very well, I'm not sure it needs any tweaking. The guitars too are very treble heavy and kind of harsh. The vocals get kind of lost in the mix. They are workable for the verses, but in the chorus they get destroyed. Definitely need some work on them, maybe some compression and some EQ on the guitars and high hats to create some room for them.

The drums kind of fall apart after the solo/break and towards the end. I don't now why, they were doing so well early on.

Its a nice, catchy song - just work on the production.
Thanks a lot !
Yeah I know the production still need some work, we're working on that now, thanks a lot for the tips !
Thanks mate I know the guitar tone sucks, it's actually one of the biggest problems on the song imo

keep your suggestions coming they are very important as the song on our myspace is mostly a demo so we need some criticism to improve the song before we record the final song decently.
I agree the tone is not great and the whole production is a bit dodgy.. However I can hear some nice ideas for a great track. My advice would be find a nicer tone with more warmth cos the riffs are getting lost, single out the vocal so it can be heard more clearly, the drums sound ok, maybe add a little more variation to the bass instead of playing root notes [not really necessary as it depends on what sound you are going for] Around though there is a lot of promise as you have some great ideas that just need to be polished.


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Thanks a lot !
We are reworking the drums and the bass at the moment.

btw what do you mean when you say we should "single out the vocals", you mean put them louder ?