i've played guitar for a few years but was looking at expanding my horizons into bass
what would be a good bass to get for metal?
around a few hundred quid is what im looking to spend

i was looking at an ibanez sr500

im left handed so im fairly limited to options open to me

and is there any key infomation i should know about bass that i wont already know from guitar?
1)You need a bass amp. A bass will destroy guitar speakers, even at low volumes. Low volumes just mean they die a bit slower.

2)Fretting should be done with a 4 finger spread at one finger per fret with your thumb on the back of the neck. It should be for guitar, but not a lot of people follow it. On bass, the wider spacing make it less forgiving.

3)Picking. If you want to continue using a pick, beware it is a bit different to account for the much heavier strings. I would recommend finger style though, to make sure you treat it as a separate instrument to guitar. while playing bass like a guitar is flashy, it is pretty useless, and a lot of people who play like this are sloppy as hell in a group situation.

4)No matter how much experience you have on guitar, you need to start bass from the beginning. While some skills will come quicker, taking short cuts could hinder you in the long run.

5)Welcome to the low end.
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