Must have own equipment, good skill, and be able to learn 5-8 min guitar pieces you dont have to be from london as ideally i would like for everyone to learn their parts and jam once every 2weeks or so...
i have songs done and ready for you to learn (guitar pro), looking to gig/record soon etc.
the song online is v.old but a representation of the skill and style im after...
get in touch if interested
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Hello Mate,

We are looking for a 2nd Lead Guiatrist to join the band, we've got gigs lined up with more to come and a track from our demo and a live recording on our page.

The band consists of members of Repugnant Inebriation, Brutai and an ex-member of Necrosadistic Goat Torture, all with good gigging experience and good connections with promoters and underground labels.

If you are interested in trying out or know anyone that might be interested please get in contact with us.

Cheers for your time