For christmass this year i'm finally upgrading from my piece of shit starter-pack Fender Squier, and thinking about either getting a Epihphone Les Paul Studio Electric or an Ibanez RG350 DX





I see a lot of people with the Studio, and have heard a lot of good things about it, and the same with the Ibanez.(ive heard the ibanez has a more metal/rock sound) Im hoping to try these guitars soon, but im just wondering what you guys would choose. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to add them my price is basically $400.

Also im saving up for a new amp, hoping to cost around $150- 200(nothing to extravagent) any ideas??
thanks for any help

I play all kinds of music so the best all around guitar is what im lookin for?? thx
You're probably not going to like this - but save up and get something better, because both of those guitars are pretty bad.

The Ibanez has an Edge III bridge. That is, quite simply, awful.
The Epi is simply cheaply made, and won't really be made any better than whichever Squier model you have at the moment.

You're also looking at two completely different kinds of guitars - what sort of music do you play? What features do you need to have?
And you say your guitar is form a strater-pack, so I assume you're still using the amp that came with it. If that is the case, you'd be better of spending a great percentage of your money on a new amp. A $100 guitar through a $300 amp is better than a $300 guitar through a $100 amp.
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i would say epi, but man save up another like 150 bucks, and buy used, check out kijiji or craigslist... im getting a dinky with emg's for 350!
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It all depends on type of music, if you like metal and shred get the ibanez, if you want the more classic rock vibe get the epiphone. I would save up more and go for a used guitar, much more worth it.
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ive played the ibvanez, and it was 430.00, bot 530 as it says it would be, and it feels liek a toy.. they both are kinda bad...save up for a micheal kelly patriot. those things will saitsify u
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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epiphones are often manufactured to a high quality...
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