Yea i was just wondering if someone wanted to be my best friend and tab this for me . I would do it myself but it would actually take me millions of years and i'm not really a person to tab something i hear i just randomly figure stuff out. But if someone really wants to help me out please tab this and send me the tab please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"request" on the homepage...plus this is in the wrong thread
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yea i cant do that. i know for a fact i dont have the skills do to so. also some of the camera angles arent showing the fret bored and my ears arent trained enough to pick out specific notes yet.
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that's probably one of the easiest things to figure out yourself...
he even shows you the fingerings...

First off he doesn't show you all the fingering. Second i have no idea what frets he's on or the tuning. Thirdly i dont know how frets that guitar has. Fourth i dont know notes that well. And lastly if its so easy then ****ing tab it then and lets see how easy it is!